Aurora Alliance

Welcome To The Aurora Alliance Guild Website 

Auro­ra Alliance is a role­play friend­ly guild on the Order shard of Istaria, for­mer­ly known as Hori­zons Chron­i­cles of the Gift­ed. If you are not already famil­iar with the game we would strong­ly sug­gest start­ing at our Istaria infor­ma­tion page before con­tin­u­ing read­ing about our guild.

Auro­ra Alliance is com­mu­ni­ty dri­ven and friend­ly believ­ing strong­ly that work­ing for and with the com­mu­ni­ty is the best way for every­one to have fun and encour­age growth among the play­er base. While we are cer­tain­ly not the old­est guild in Istaria a num­ber of our mem­bers do include play­ers from the very ear­ly days of Istaria. Our guild has mem­bers from around the world and in game char­ac­ters of all races and class­es. For many of us we are true friends with our inter­ac­tions extend­ing beyond sim­ply gam­ing togeth­er in Istaria.

We pri­mar­i­ly com­mu­ni­cate on Dis­cord. A link is avail­able to all reg­is­tered members.




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