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The Ascension of Valoseyr Arduethar

Val­oseyr awaits oth­ers to arrive.

The Ascension of Valoseyr Arduethar


          A good day to all here who read the Order Her­ald! It was a scant week ago that I was wit­ness to a great event.  That event? The ascen­sion of Val­oseyr to adult­hood! She had many friends who wished to attend and I for one am glad I could attend.

         The day was a pleas­ant one out near the Tow­er of Cler­ics. It’s a love­ly loca­tion that despite being not to far from aegis afflict­ed areas looks over the land seren­ly. I high­ly rec­comend a flight over to take a look over the area some­day for a vaca­tion spot when you are in need of a loca­tion remiss of fight­ing and a place to con­tem­plate. Being that Val­oseyr is an accom­plished heal­er and crafter she felt a cer­tain draw to the heal­ing pow­ers of the Pond of Har­mo­ny and chose this as a loca­tion. Though far from most of civilza­tion it was safe for even young hatch­lings to arrive, though I am sure many of them were left pant­i­ng from the run up the moun­tain! I am very thank­ful for my wings and flight, hav­ing become an adult many ages ago.


       As more arrived to the ascen­sion I rec­og­nized many faces but some were also quite new to me as well. It is always a plea­sure to meet more eil­erten, that means Drag­ons for those not so famil­iar with the term,  and night slow­ly crept it’s way across the sky into a beau­ti­ful sun­set. It was about then that the time was near­ly there. Val­oseyr approached the Pond of Har­mo­ny and dipped her Phy­lac­tery of the Heav­ens into the Pond of Har­mo­ny.       My eyes were near­ly blind­ed for a moment as the mag­ic of the Pond of Har­mo­ny and her phy­lac­tery react­ed togeth­er. Val­oseyr then added the final touch of mag­ic, blow­ing blue flames across her soon to be tool of ascen­sion that wrapped about the phy­lac­tery, bring­ing calm to it and imbue­ing it with the final bit of mag­ic need­ed to see her grow­ing to adult­hood. The mag­ic empow­ered, it was time.


And with a cry up to the evening sky she explod­ed! Well, that’s what we often call it, or boom­ing, or just I sup­pose you could call it grow­ing up but Drag­ons have nev­er been over­ly fond of sub­tle and do have a sense of dra­mat­ics and the­atrics. Despite being known as The Sleep­er he sure­ly does inspire things to be far active and engag­ing and not sleepy at all! Though I’m digress­ing from the arti­cle here for tales for anoth­er time. The mag­ic of the Phy­lac­tery of the Heav­ens erupt­ed into the air, engulf­ing her and send­ing a surge of ener­gy all around! This is always such a great moment! Many of the Drag­ons were excit­ed and already cheer­ing. A few even put on sun­glass­es though too I would sus­pect, well we would if they came in our size.  Then after a minute it was all over…      There she was in all her cot­ton can­dy col­ored glo­ry, only much larg­er! She took lit­tle time to test out her new wings, fly­ing into the air and many of the oth­er Drag­ons joined her as well in a flight of con­grat­u­la­tions and uni­ty! It’s always a won­der­ful sign to see yet anoth­er Drag­on take to the air for each time this hap­pens it shows anoth­er strike against our bat­tle against the With­ered Aegis. Did you know it’s because of this war that we Drag­ons do not prop­er­ly age any­more and are so age­less? That we have to put our­selves into a new body as we grow with the use of mag­ic? It is a shame and yet I think for some it is well enjoyed as I’ve known some who choose to for­ev­er remain young in body even though their minds are well beyond such young-look­ing years. More pow­er to them for know­ing what they want though!

Fire­works of congratulations!

       Many fire­works were had! Tsar­goth brought a lofty sup­ply and hand­ed them around to many of the Drag­ons to help light the sky with col­or and bright­ness! Then there were gifts and spo­ken con­grat­u­la­tions. I am not to privy to what all was exchanged to Val­oseyr this day beyond my gift of a pro­tec­tive scale and some can­dy clouds to her in hon­or of her nick­name. I know Stra­tus was also there, record­ing the event via one of his mag­i­cal record­ing crys­tals and gave it to her as a gift. I admire him for what he does as I’ve seen him do this for many ascen­sions, allow­ing Drag­ons to relieve some of their most impor­tant moments over and over and even share it with oth­ers. Thank you Stra­tus for that which you offer to all of Dragonkind.




         Final­ly the event start­ed to come to an end. Some Drag­ons engaged in build­ing a dra­con­ic totem in front of the tow­er, a sight that amus­es myself and many I think. The hatch­lings even tried to join in as well with the tow­er too. I tried to join in as well but being I was attempt­ing to also take pic­tures it became dif­fi­cult to man­age such at the same time, and besides who real­ly wants to look at me any­way, we were all here for Val­oseyr after all! After this Miche­len­the­sis got a small sto­ry cir­cle of Drag­ons going on as well with many of the hatch­lings lis­ten­ing in and some telling sto­ries. Val­oseyr joined for a while but soon enough the exhaus­tion of the excite­ment claimed her and she went to rest.


     So con­grat­u­la­tions to you Val­oseyr! May the skies of Istaria for­ev­er car­ry your wings high­er and high­er! High­er than the tow­er of cler­ics and beyond! Stay sweet always, Cot­ton Can­dy Dragon.




~Allon “The Cook­ing Bard” Aurualfimir

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