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Song: Ieo D’na Scov

This was a song com­posed in uni­son by the likes of Allon the Drag­on and Dra­nar the Sslik and per­formed many, many, many moons ago, often at a tav­ern on the beach of Parsinia. It’s a jaun­ty tav­ern tune and one that we wished to share here and teach­es a very impor­tant phase to the Naka-Duskael that they may learn from Drag­ons and it is impor­tant for them to know… We present to you today the song, Ieo D’na Scov and mul­ti­ple refrains for it, well some of the most pop­u­lar ones… More were writ­ten and may be shared over time, but these were always the most pop­u­lar. Feel free to sing along with the cho­rus if you like! Hope­ful­ly soon this and more will be per­formed once again at our new loca­tion at the beach near Ssla­nis! All are wel­come any time there for foodand a scenic relax­ation spot.

—- Ieo D’na Scov —
Writ­ten by Allon and Dranar

<Jaun­ty gui­tar music and pos­si­ble drum beat if avail­able, good to tap your foot to and sway a bit on occasion.>

This les­son here I’m about to tell
Is about a hand­some Dragon
Who one day walked along a road,
His courage did not flagon,
He came across three tired knights,
In shiney armor fairrrr.…
One spoke up and with a smile,
“Can a good ride you share?”
The drag­on laughed aloud at this,
And he just shook his head,
Then before he took off into the skies,
This is what he said…


Ieo d’na scov!
Is what the drag­ons say
Ieo d’na scov!
Don’t try to feed them hay!
Ieo d’na scov!
So I’ll just give you a clue,
Ieo d’na scov!
Means “I’m no horse” to you!

Now there was a king and queen so fair,
With a daugh­ter ugly as dirt,
Yet no prince came to court her dear,
And her heart it did quite hurt,
Then one day a noble­man passed by,
and saw for him a chance,
He said their daugh­ter he would wed,
And show her great romance,
But his price for the wed­ding day,
It was­n’t oh so fair,
The two must fly on drag­on back,
unto their Hon­ey­moon… <wink>
So the king and queen did let a call,
Upon the morn­ing rays,
Though the replies that they got,
This is what they’d say…


One day came a trot­tin ‘long,
A knight upon a mare,
Her tail held high up toward the sky,
And oh she was quite fair,
One could tell by how she walked,
Her love was in the air.
As she passed by a drag­on trotting,
She tried to catch his eye,
Though he turned his head, shook his tail,
And this was his reply.…


Now our drag­on he was flirty,
And suave to a dragoness,
He brought her gems and pret­ty things,
And words to try and impress,
He asked if she would dine with gnome,
And fly the skies this night,
She just wig­gled her hips and gave a wink,
And thought that sound­ed right,
Though when he final­ly asked her to his lair,
He seemed to imply much more,
She shook her head and gave a laugh,
and left right out the door…

<cho­rus X 2>

Ieo d’na scov!
Is what the drag­ons say
Ieo d’na scov!
Don’t try to feed them hay!
Ieo d’na scov!
So I’ll just give you a clue,
Ieo d’na scov!
Means “I’m no horse” to you!

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