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Sethoniia’s Adult Ascension

Today marks anoth­er proud moment for those among Immor­tal Lega­cy as Sethoni­ia TheDe­vour­er ascends to Adult­hood among friends on the guild island of Aedan.

Mael­strom Vor­tex has man­aged to cap­ture a com­plete mem­o­ry of this event from his own per­spec­tive for those wish­ing to share in Sethoni­ia’s accomplishment.

Wel­come to the sky Sethoniia.

The above Youtube con­tent has been pro­vid­ed by Mael­strom Vor­tex. While free for pub­lic use please only use this con­tent in the spir­it that it has been pro­vid­ed. That is in a pos­i­tive light and the pro­mo­tion of Istaria.
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