Aurora Alliance


While not the sole pur­pose of our guild role­play is a dri­ving force for many of our mem­bers. Immers­ing our­selves into the roles of our char­ac­ters and strug­gling to defeat the With­ered Aegis.

Role­play can take place with as lit­tle as two play­ers sim­ply tak­ing turns to act out a scene which can be plan­ing an up com­ing bat­tle, an argu­ment between char­ac­ters regard­ing a trade of mate­ri­als, teach­ing a hatch­ling drag­on how to make use of their wings, or any­thing desired.

There real­ly are no rules when it comes to role­play how­ev­er there are a  few guide­lines. Most impor­tant­ly remem­ber there are oth­er peo­ple involved. We are all here to have fun.

Role­play Guidelines:

  • Stick to the estab­lished lore / canon of the Istaria world — As a fan­ta­sy world one should­n’t include things from mod­ern day or sci-fi genres
  • Remem­ber that a char­ac­ter’s opin­ion isn’t the same as a play­er’s opin­ion — If a char­ac­ter dis­agrees or behaves rash­ly in most cas­es its sim­ply part of the role­play. Don’t take the action per­son­al­ly and try to roll with it. This guide­line should­n’t be used as an excuse to behave like a jerk all the time but char­ac­ters just like peo­ple can have bad days or suf­fer from stress.
  • Com­mu­ni­cate OOCly (Out of Char­ac­ter) — Engage the oth­er play­ers direct­ly about the on going role­play. You don’t need to plan out what is going to hap­pen next but set­ting up some para­me­ters can help with devel­op­ing the scene. Most impor­tant­ly if you are not com­fort­able with what is going on speak up! You don’t have to par­tic­i­pate in any­thing you don’t want to.
  • Keep con­tent age appro­pri­ate when in pub­lic — Istaria is a world where peo­ple of all ages gath­er. Graph­ic con­tent includ­ing vio­lence or any mature themes should be kept pri­vate­ly among con­sent­ing play­ers. Please be sure that all par­ties involved are of a con­sent­ing age by local laws. When in doubt don’t do it!
  • Do not meta game — Just because a play­er knows some­thing does­n’t mean a char­ac­ter does. Your group find­er may show that anoth­er char­ac­ter is hid­ing on the oppo­site side of a wall but there is no way the char­ac­ter should know that. Stick to the infor­ma­tion your char­ac­ter can get from their own sens­es or rea­son­ably deduce.
  • Do not god mode — You con­trol your own char­ac­ter. You choose what they say, what they do and how they respond to anoth­er’s actions and to the world in gen­er­al. Do not speak for or state how anoth­er char­ac­ter responds or what they do.
  • Be respect­ful of oth­er play­ers — If you stum­ble across anoth­er ongo­ing role­play, par­tic­u­lar­ly when its not in pub­lic area such as a major city, do not sim­ply inject your­self into the role play or announce that the role­play in any pub­lic chan­nel. Be respect­ful of the oth­er play­ers pri­va­cy and desires. If you are inter­est­ed in par­tic­i­pat­ing then send an OOC mes­sage to the play­ers involved and ask if you could join in or if you may stay and observe.
  • Have fun! — When one tru­ly immerse them­selves in their char­ac­ter a play­er can start to feel the stress­es and frus­tra­tions when things don’t go accord­ing to their plans. Remem­ber this is only a game and its meant to be fun when it stops being fun you should speak up.


Over time with con­tin­ued role­play our char­ac­ters will devel­op their own his­to­ry and stories.