Aurora Alliance

Frozen Dreams


North of Trandalar Rift


Tsar­goth’s lair is the mas­ter plot at the guild land known as Ker’Tis. His lair has a com­plete set of Tier six drag­on machines set to pub­lic access with a sec­ond set reserved for guild use present­ly under construction.

Lair stor­age is used for the following:

  • Tech­nique com­po­nents T2 and T3
  • Tech­nique com­po­nents T4 and T5
  • Expert and rare spell forms.
  • Expert drag­on forms
  • Defen­sive techs usable by dragons
  • Spell tech­niques forms
  • Assort­ed high tier crystals
  • Assort­ment of drag­on scales


Nearby Portal:

Nearby Landing Pad:



Nearby Resources:

Amber Azulyte (T3)

Tsargoth Runeclaw

Slightly damaged waffle dragon. Use only as directed