Aurora Alliance

New Beginnings

In Istaria’s ear­li­er days of a mem­ber of the com­mu­ni­ty was select­ed by the devel­op­ment team to act as a bridge between them­selves and the com­mu­ni­ty. This indi­vid­ual would be respon­si­ble to com­mu­ni­cate upcom­ing events, changes, and ideas to the com­mu­ni­ty in a sto­ry form on both the Istaria forums and in the game itself. They were ambas­sador of good­will and would near­ly always be in the role of their char­ac­ter. This was espe­cial­ly true on the role­play shard Order. These indi­vid­u­als were know as the shard Heralds.

In time Istaria’s own­er­ship changed and with it so did the play­er base.  The Her­ald pro­gram was revised and ulti­mate­ly deemed unnec­es­sary due to the small­er com­mu­ni­ty. The news and report­ing aspects were replaced by oth­er pro­grams such as the Spread the Word cam­paign. Despite the pro­gram hav­ing offi­cial­ly end­ed the Her­ald posi­tion was very ben­e­fi­cial to the com­mu­ni­ty pro­mot­ing activ­i­ties and in gen­er­al being a pil­lar in their shard’s community.

The Revised Her­ald Report is an effort by pre­vi­ous Her­alds of Order shard and some addi­tion­al vol­un­teers try­ing to fill the vac­u­um left by the clos­ing of the Her­ald pro­gram. Our mis­sion is to report on World Projects, com­mu­ni­ty news such as pub­lic plots open­ing near key resources, play­er accom­plish­ments includ­ing drag­on ascen­sions,  spot­lights on com­mu­ni­ty lead­ers, events, on-going role­play, and occa­sion­al­ly some cre­ative writ­ing in sto­ry form and real world recipes pre­sent­ed in an Istar­i­an style.

This project is in its infan­cy. We are eager for ideas as well as vol­un­teers. You may find us on order in the Her­ald channel.

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  • The New Herald Report is a project run by volunteers from the Order community. In no way does this project have an affiliation with Virtrium and should in no way be considered official.
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