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Fabric Island Community Plot Now Open

Wow it’s all built” Tigris exclaimed. “Amaz­ing” as she looked to her new man­ner house and cloth work­ing shop.

A few short days ago Tigris of the Elder Spir­its came to me ask­ing if I might have any thoughts as to where she may set­tle down now that she has returned from her long jour­ney with Tek­ka.

Hav­ing been away for so long Tigris’s knowl­edge of avail­able prop­er­ty was quite dat­ed and Tek­ka, Tigris, and myself set out find the per­fect home for the Saris weaver.

It was the fact that she was a weaver that Fab­ric island was con­sid­ered. We arrived there late in the evening to find a sin­gle cloth work­ing shop the only con­struc­tion and abun­dant fields of every­thing a weaver could ever need. Moments lat­er Tigris was mak­ing arrange­ment to acquire a deed and plan her new home on Fab­ric Isle.

Tigris has opt­ed to mark the expert fab­ric shop as open for pub­lic use. Oth­er fea­tures  include”

  • A small vault
  • A con­sign­er intend to stock cloth reaper potions
  • And a pawnshop

Many thanks to C‘gan, Knos­sos, Ren­gaw, and Sha­to for help­ing make this com­mu­ni­ty resource a real­i­ty and get­ting the plot up and run­ning so very quickly.

  • The New Herald Report is a project run by volunteers from the Order community. In no way does this project have an affiliation with Virtrium and should in no way be considered official.

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