Aurora Alliance


Istaria is like­ly most famous for the fact that it allows PC playable drag­ons. Its next most pop­u­lar aspect is its craft­ing system.

Play­ers with a paid sub­scrip­tion can pur­chase land or a lair and build per­sis­tent struc­tures. Play­er built struc­tures are not instanced and exist in the game world for all play­ers to see and inter­act with. These struc­tures may be used for item stor­age, machines for craft­ing pro­vid­ing a skill bonus depend­ing on the tier of the struc­ture or some oth­er func­tion­al­i­ty such as a vault, pawn bro­ker, con­sign­er, or a shrine to bind to. The plot own­er has the abil­i­ty to con­trol who can use each of the struc­tures on the plot with var­i­ous per­mis­sions allow­ing it to be locked sole­ly to the own­er, the own­er’s guild, open access, or to a select group of play­ers by name.

Auro­ra Alliance guild mem­bers have a num­ber of plots through­out the world of Istaria. Some are guild com­mu­ni­ties with low­er prices for land with close access to oth­er guild resources. Oth­er plots have been select­ed to best help the whole of the Order com­mu­ni­ty and pro­vid­ing key machines, vaults or shrines in close prox­im­i­ty to por­tal hubs

Places of note: