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Congratulations Alatum and Shinnara

With the actions of the unliv­ing armies of the With­ered Aegis being felt every­where… It is news of pros­per­i­ty and hope that is the most pre­cious. Tthere is noth­ing quite so joy­ous as when I am able to announce new life. 

A clutch of four eggs of Shin­nara and Ala­tum, of Immor­tal Lega­cy, have recent­ly hatched. Two of the lit­tle ones, Furyion and Koudawa­ia, where more eager than the oth­ers and hatched some weeks pri­or. Per­haps some have already met these two lit­tle ones. Eno­la and Gry­thyrth hatched not but a day ago among fam­i­ly in New Trismus. 

Con­grat­u­la­tions! May your fam­i­ly con­tin­ue to grow and prosper.

  • The New Herald Report is a project run by volunteers from the Order community. In no way does this project have an affiliation with Virtrium and should in no way be considered official.

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