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Female — Dragon — Dragon Adventurer

Xarzithann is a pure white hatch­ling drag­on, she has cerulean blue eyes that glis­ten like crys­tal in bright sun­light and has a rather shape­ly tail as she puts it. She’s built rel­a­tive­ly broad for a female drag­on and does­n’t mind being in cold weath­er at all.

She enjoys peo­ple watch­ing, read­ing, frozen food, learn­ing new things and adopt­ing cul­tur­al man­ner­isms, she respects free­dom and wants to be a kind moth­er one day strong and reliable.

She dis­likes peo­ple who are xeno­pho­bic, those who are ruth­less or greedy and espe­cial­ly the cru­el­ty of the aegis and their asso­ci­at­ed groups.

She is afraid of light­ning, and hates being alone for too long. In her opin­ion fail­ing to pro­tect some­one she cares for is her great­est fear.

Xarzithann is a kind car­ing hatch­ling, espe­cial­ly mature for her age despite being a Gift­ed who can­not nor­mal­ly do so with­out the Rite of Pas­sage. She’s learn­ing every­thing she can and hopes one day to be some­one her fel­low drag­ons can rely on. While being seen at being good in a fight, she actu­al­ly does­n’t like to do so see­ing the harm done to ani­mals and crea­tures as some­thing that should be avoided.

At times the lit­tle drag­on can have amne­si­ac moments or seem to trance out as past mem­o­ries come back to her.

**Life before Istaria**

Xarzithann exist­ed in anoth­er world before Istaria, known as Berasea. Giv­en the birth name of “Cira” she was born under the two drag­ons Arheni’kranakallis and Kro­ntal­isyelk. Her kind were most­ly asso­ci­at­ed with being vio­lent and ter­ri­to­r­i­al but she was different.

Her life grow­ing up was dif­fi­cult, as she showed an unusu­al pen­chant for com­pas­sion unlike the rest of her clutch mates. She would help hide near­by wildlife from her kin when they were being glut­to­nous or cru­el, and was berat­ed for this by her par­ents. For the first 50 years or so of her life, she was mere­ly tol­er­at­ed as they tried to bul­ly her com­pas­sion out of her.

When she reached adult­hood many of her fel­low drag­ons includ­ing her par­ents left the region to look for oth­er places to live leav­ing Cira alone. At this time she decid­ed to change her name to reflect how dif­fer­ent she was from her par­ents and fel­low drag­ons adopt­ing the name of Xarzithann.

She prefers to be alone most of the time, but enjoys peo­ple watch­ing from a dis­tance, observ­ing curi­ous habits of the crea­tures that she pri­mar­i­ly accepts are less­er than her. She holds no ani­mos­i­ty to those beneath her, much to the con­trary: There’s per­haps even a rev­er­ence. Regard­less, it is sim­ply fact that Drag­ons are supe­ri­or to humanoids. Most, if not all, humanoids get angry when this fact is brought up, how­ev­er, and she rarely men­tions it in her scant humanoid contact.

She is a car­ing soul; moth­er­ly almost in how she seeks to safe­guard peo­ple. She fre­quent­ly used mag­ic to remove haz­ards from peo­ples way that they did­n’t even know were there. Her most defin­ing trait is her end­less curios­i­ty, as she hoards ancient relics, knowl­edge, and more impor­tant­ly, cat­a­logues humanoid behaviour.

On sev­er­al occa­sions some bipeds would stum­ble into her lair and she would treat them kind­ly unless they were look­ing to steal from her hoard or attempt­ed to slay her depend­ing on race or moti­va­tions. Her terms were always very clear, a kind warn­ing; a firm warn­ing; mag­ic, then breath weapon which she hat­ed using.

How­ev­er many years went by before she dis­cov­ered a mag­i­cal rel­ic that allowed her to view far off places. At first she was excit­ed to have such a thing but when she looked for what was going on, she learned that across her con­ti­nent many races were fight­ing one anoth­er and her fel­low drag­ons had all but left the region, leav­ing her as the only remain­ing drag­on in that part of the world.

She had nev­er had a mate, even anoth­er friend through­out her life out­side the flut­ter­ing of birds or the occa­sion­al human that may have vis­it­ed. This filled her with sad­ness that such things were hap­pen­ing, even a large adult drag­on like her­self. Mag­ic was strong in her world and it appeared it was being used in great acts of vio­lence through the south­ern hemi­sphere far from her seclud­ed north­ern lair.

This pained her great­ly and she tried to con­tin­ue observ­ing where she could but the blood and death in the places she used to con­sid­er peace­ful broke her heart. She dared not inter­vene less she be swept up into the bat­tle as well, and thus many decades went by as the drag­on was left alone with her lone­li­ness grow­ing more pained with the relent­less pas­sage of time.

One day a group of adven­tur­ers dis­cov­ered her in her lair as they ven­tured north being not from the region and she rel­ished in the oppor­tu­ni­ty to speak to some­one again. She told them a great tale of every­thing that had hap­pened being sev­er­al cen­turies old at this point, but at this point her heart was in so much pain that she could­n’t take it anymore.

A cou­ple weeks after hav­ing befriend­ed the kind­ly group she asked them one final favor.. to kill her, so she may be at peace hav­ing nev­er had the strength to do it her­self. While they were reluc­tant she reas­sured them and they indeed put her to sleep allow­ing the drag­oness to final­ly rest.

  **Rebirth in Istaria**

Xarzithann awoke on a stone plateau as the light fad­ed from her vision, her soul had been drawn to a new world and rein­car­nat­ed into the body she was now. All mem­o­ries of her past life gone, this new Xarzithann retains many fea­tures of her orig­i­nal self.

She remem­bers her name, but oth­er­wise is like a fresh born hatch­ling who has occa­sion­al flash­backs or dreams of things she can’t under­stand. She speaks in a soft con­tral­to, tend­ing to be shy around new people.

She does what she can trav­el­ing across Istaria seek­ing knowl­edge from her men­tor drag­ons and mak­ing friends in the Auro­ra Alliance. Of note are Tsar­goth, Pharax­es, Ryka Runeclaw, Dav, Nol­la and oth­ers she has encoun­tered over time.

She remains vig­i­lant push­ing her­self to always do bet­ter, spend time read­ing in the naka libraries when she can and learn­ing the cul­ture of the places she goes to. She yearns to meet new peo­ple and one day be a moth­er to young hatch­lings who need guid­ance or protection.

As she con­tin­ues to ascend her­self to new heights, she looks for­ward to the day when she earns the Rite of Pas­sage and can ascend her Gift­ed body into adult­hood. She only hopes when that time comes, she is ready.

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