Aurora Alliance

Tigris Euphrates (Elder Spirits)
(Sifu of the Storm)

Female — Saris — Storm Disciple

The Street Urchin of Kion

Tigris Euphrates was the last of a lit­ter born of Danube and Ganges Euphrates, two Saris of Kion. They were liv­ing in a small set­tle­ment in the east. Tigris was the runt of the lit­ter, and not expect­ed to sur­vive past the first few years of life. How­ev­er the With­ered Aegis destroyed their home and vil­lage, includ­ing lit­tle Tigris who was hid­ing in a jar. She found her­self awake again at a small home in Kion where she had been born. The ulti­mate fate of the rest of her fam­i­ly she did not learn until years lat­er, rean­i­mat­ed as undead Saris in the ser­vice of the Aegis.

She grew up in Kion, most­ly alone, revert­ing into her feline Saris nature to sur­vive. It was said she was ‘one of many orphans of the war’. She sub­sist­ed on fish­ing to get food for her to eat. She learned to out­fit her­self from flax and hide and any­thing she could find to keep her alive. She made friends where she could, drag­ons, fiends — most­ly oth­ers gift­ed as she was.

At first she fol­lowed the scout path, but that all changed when she met a stu­dent of Sene­tal the Flame Dis­ci­ple. The two saris quick­ly became close friends, adven­tur­ing, craft­ing, and fight­ing the Aegis togeth­er. Togeth­er they fought many “wars” togeth­er, devel­oped a close bond, and final­ly the stu­dent con­vinced Tigris to take up Monk school, but asked her to choose a dis­ci­pline on her own. She even­tu­al­ly chose the storm.

Years passed. Tigris grew strong in the ways of the Storm Dis­ci­ple, mas­ter­ing the school, and teach­ing it to oth­ers. The Flame Dis­ci­ple and Tigris became bond­ed mates and had one daugh­ter, Jamu­na. They were key fig­ures in the guild Pax Patronarum dur­ing the Novo inci­dent. How­ev­er all did not stay ros­es, as Tigris’s mate even­tu­al­ly left Istaria for oth­er lands, Tigris retired for a while to care for the chil­dren. She joined the Elder Spir­its with lit­tle Tek­ka and built a house with that guild, but fur­ther Aegis action forced the aging saris monk back into action.

Per­son­al­i­ty Traits

She is as close to a real tiger as a Saris can get, and as far away from a human as a Saris can get. Her com­bat style involves use of her fists (and claws).

Strengths: High­ly Intel­li­gent, Agile, Quick, and Strong
Weak­ness­es: Very Fer­al, Haunt­ed, Slow to change, and too stuck on ‘the old ways’
When she speaks of being a Vet­er­an of “many wars”, she means:

Satyr Mine Wars” — build­ing the four satyr mines, and destroy­ing the machines on the islands
“Feladan War” — build­ing the blight con­sol­ida­tor machines to free Feladan
“Dryad War” — fight­ing off a num­ber of nasty beast­ies to help free the Dryads and return them to this world.
“Novo War” — fight­ing off the invad­ing blight and build the Novo Machine.

Professional History

Mastered Adventuring Professions: Ranger and Storm Disciple

Journeyman Crafting Professions: Alchemist, Armorer, Confectioner, Jeweler, and Spellcrafter

Expert Crafting Professions: Blacksmith and Scholar

Mastered Crafting Professions: Carpenter, Enchanter, Fitter, Gatherer, Mason, Miner, Outfitter, Tailor, Tinkerer, and Weaver



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