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Sha’to & Tyroth

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Sha’­to -

Does­n’t hail from the realm of Istaria but has been drawn to it, by the con­stant strug­gle for the liv­ing to sup­press the undead. Sha’­to does­n’t active­ly try to hide who he is, his race is strik­ing­ly sim­i­lar to the native race of Sslik that inhab­it Less­er Aradoth. Sha’­to has done much research on these natives com­ing to the con­clu­sion that while they look very sim­i­lar they are indeed of rep­til­ian decent where as Sha’­to race is of dra­con­ic descent.

A trav­el­er of realms and oth­er worlds Sha’­to first arrived on Aradoth in the after­math of the Bat­tle for Tazoon. Moved deeply by a peo­ple who fight for their very exis­tence against a glob­al exter­mi­na­tion he stayed  lend­ing his heal­ing and mag­i­cal skills to aide in the destruc­tion of the necro­man­tic mind alter­ing machines that kept the Sayter race bound to the undead hoards. Lat­er to go on and free the Fairy like Dryad’s. With the undead beat­en back and the peo­ple of the land embold­ened, and a uneasy peace restored, Sha’­to left the Istaria realm for oth­er places unknown.

Time and again Sha’­to found him­self drawn back to Aradoth, each time dis­cov­er­ing to his dis­may that the blight was slow­ly con­sum­ing more and more land. On one such return he stum­bled over a gold­en drag­on youngling, a deeply intel­lec­tu­al con­ver­sa­tion ensued about fam­i­ly trees that spawned a last­ing friend­ship, this drag­ons’ name is Tsar­goth. Sha’­to to this day remains a stead­fast Runeclaw fam­i­ly ally.

When not assist­ing the Gold’s ever expand­ing fam­i­ly. Sha’­to can be most often found teach­ing and help­ing the young of Aradoth. He is will­ing to teach, assist and befriend any­one. How­ev­er seems to grav­i­tate to drag­on kin more often then the oth­er races.


Tyroth -

Drag­oness Tyroth shares an unusu­al bond with Sha­to. If you want to learn more about this engage either of them in some RP.

Professional History

Mastered Adventuring Professions: Cleric, Druid, Guardian, Ranger, Shaman, and Storm Disciple

Journeyman Crafting Professions: Armorer, Blacksmith, Enchanter, Tinkerer, and Weaver

Expert Crafting Professions: Alchemist, Gatherer, and Miner

Mastered Crafting Professions: Carpenter, Enchanter, Fitter, Mason, and Weaver



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