Aurora Alliance

Ryluth Runeclaw

Female — Dragon — Aspiring Helian

Ryluth is the bio­log­i­cal daugh­ter of Tsar­goth and Tek­ka from a chance encounter between the two dur­ing Tekka’s time of seclu­sion.  Dur­ing her Ryluth’s ear­ly days the gold kept the details of Ryluth’s ori­gins pri­vate from every­one includ­ing the hatch­ling her­self.  Despite the hatch­lings curios­i­ty he felt it best to insure Tek­ka had all the time she need­ed to address her own needs and not force even more respon­si­bil­i­ty on her in her trou­bled time. As time passed Ryluth grew and he found that Tekka’s time alone  improv­ing he revealed to her who her moth­er is and some of the rea­sons why she need­ed her time away. 

With many years pass­ing Ryluth has tak­en to explor­ing more of the world out­side the safe­ty of her icy home with her fam­i­ly. Now that Tek­ka has returned she is very excit­ed to final­ly meet her moth­er and her new siblings. 

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Player Information

Tsargoth Runeclaw

Slightly damaged waffle dragon. Use only as directed