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Nolla Runeclaw
(Nolla Runeclaw)

Female — Dragon — Silver Dragon

Nol­la Runeclaw, the daugh­ter of Tsar­goth Runeclaw and her moth­er, Agri­na Sil­ver­scales. Agri­na Sil­ver­scales was a younger adult Drag­oness who often trav­eled afar but had recent­ly set­tled down. Sad­ly short­ly after her clutch was hatch­ing the Blight came upon her lair around her home, one of the With­ered Aegis’ anchors set down… despite her best efforts and the efforts of oth­ers she was slain along with all save Nol­la who was found defend­ing her­self from her risen undead broth­er’s and sis­ters who were attempt­ing to blight her as well. She was res­cued by Tsar­goth and oth­ers and brought to Tsar’s lair where she has been liv­ing hap­pi­ly… if asked about where she comes from she often just sim­ply says, Tsar, and evi­dent­ly has done well to for­get her past, squelch­ing the mem­o­ries in her mind though it leaves her often with bad dreams and odd feel­ings and find­ing the sight of an undead Drag­on to bring ter­ror into her mind and body.


Nol­la is a gen­er­al­ly jovial, friend­ly, and fair­ly curi­ous but inno­cent hatch­ling. She has been learn­ing much of life from the Runeclaw fam­i­ly and oth­er Drag­ons of Istaria, spend­ing her time afield and learn­ing about the world. She enjoys work­ing with her claws a lot and bet­ter­ing her­self in craft­ing par­tic­u­lar­ly though has a deep-seat­ed need to learn to defend her­self prop­er­ly too.

Nol­la is a sil­ver Drag­oness with occa­sion­al bits of gold high­light­ing when in brighter sun­light. She has small scars on her tail and on her right shoul­der, scars that look like small claw marks and teeth. She nev­er talks about them or pays them much heed and when inquired about them she just says “Oh A’na, aia­reea vrara.” (I’ve always had them.) and some­times becomes a lit­tle more with­drawn, at least until some­thing to eat shows up. She tru­ely loves food and likes to sam­ple every­thing, and every­one if so allowed too.


Nol­la hopes to grow up to be a big and strong Adult some­day. She is kind of slow grow­ing though so it may be some time till she reach­es adult­hood being as young as she is. She’ll glad­ly be your friend though! She loves Sslik and Saris and wants a few of them as pets though she’s been told that they are not pets. She still wants them to be pets though. She real­ly admires her A’meo, Tsar­goth, with a lot of respect and loves him very much as well as much of her fam­i­ly sib­lings too. She has very much love for all of them.


~Nol­la Runeclaw

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Allon The Cookie Dragon

A Dragon that flies the skies of Istaria and is known for baking and cooking a lot as well. He enjoys a spot of writing here and there too and making new friends.