Aurora Alliance

Metal “Metalshock” Sunrise

Male — Dragon

A drag­on hail­ing from a dis­tant star, Met­al hatched with a heart of Chaos. His upbring­ing was a rough one. His father was nev­er known to him, and his moth­er died before he hatched, he was left in the care of a group called “The Guardians”. Taught their val­ues of jus­tice and hon­or, he sought only to pro­tect those in need.

His life changed as he approached his 18th hatch­day, when a group seek­ing the end of the “Chaos Drag­on” found the Guardians pro­tect­ing him, and attacked. the Guardians ful­filled their duty, pro­tect­ing him and allow­ing him to flee, but they were slain in the process. Left in exile for two years, Met­al even­tu­al­ly found some friends, and with them, man­aged to pro­tect the world of his hatching.

In the end, Met­al was pre­sumed dead. but the pow­ers he had earned and had to use to save his world dis­lodged him from it. Mov­ing from Realm to Realm, he made many friends, find­ing he was­n’t as feared out­side of his home star. It was on these adven­tures that he met and was adopt­ed by clan Sun­rise. His adven­tures are only begin­ning, however…

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