Aurora Alliance

Exsia Runeclaw

Female — Dragon

Adult, setscale is cur­rent­ly 1.0,
but slow­ly raise through pro­gres­sion to Ancient.  Same will apply for ancient, till she is 2.0x ancient))  Rate:  +0.1 Every 5 lev­els, start­ing at 1.0 at lev­el 40
lv45 — 1.1
lv50 — 1.2
| | | | |
lv85 — 1.9
lv90 — 2.0

((Fol­low­ing infor­ma­tion is per orig­i­nal con­cept of Exsia, out­side of Istaria, here for your read­ing pleasure))

Race: Drag­on
Age: 158 (Appears over 1000)
Scales: Indigo/White
Eyes: Topaz
Horns: Sapphire
Height: 352ft at the shoulders
Length: 713ft, not includ­ing neck/tail
Neck adding 80ft, and tail anoth­er 280
Weight: ???

A beast of leg­end, able to be seen for miles away. Scales of a shim­mer­ing bluish-pur­ple tow­er­ing over her sur­round­ings. Trees rus­tle, ground tremors, and thun­der echo in each step she makes in her pow­er­ful stride. Her form seems to be ath­let­i­cal­ly bulky, most of her weight cen­tered on her hind legs, with a slen­der sleek waist that widens again at her chest. Her neck trav­els up, usu­al­ly found curled like an “S”. Upon her back would be a pair of gigan­tic wings, scales adorn the long dig­its, while the web­bing scales flat­ten out into a leather like appearance.

From the tip of her snout, two small holes can be seen with smoke occa­sion­al­ly bel­low­ing out. Scales aligned along her muz­zle grow­ing larg­er, the fur­ther back, cov­er her gold­en eyes, and into a pair of mas­sive sap­phire col­ored horns, that exhib­it an odd­ly curved shape that resem­ble a pair of scythes. Slicked back head fins, that have been known to rise when threat­ened, a web­bing that trails down her entire neck, which turns to shark tooth like ridges that trav­el along her spine, and down part of her tail. A large tail spade dec­o­rates the end of her tail.

A drag­on her size would have to be thou­sands of years old. How­ev­er, this drag­on is far younger than she appears. Drag­ons, are nor­mal­ly mag­i­cal beings, capa­ble of using pow­er­ful mag­ic, how­ev­er Exsia does not have this abil­i­ty. Since hatch­ing, her own mag­i­cal essence was inter­wo­ven into her very being, pre­vent­ing her from using any mag­ic, how­ev­er this same odd­i­ty, has been caus­ing her to grow far more rapid­ly for a drag­on drag­ons. The only abil­i­ty she pos­sess­es is to breathe fire.

Exsia is a curi­ous one, her abil­i­ty to con­sume almost any mate­r­i­al with lit­tle to no impact to her health, she has grown some­what glut­to­nous at times.  How­ev­er one thing she does not like to eat… wood, the splin­ters the taste… hick­o­ry? Blech!

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