Aurora Alliance

Dav Edward Runeclaw

Male — Dragon

Adopt­ed by Tsar­goth Runeclaw, Dav has his unusu­al name by being raised by Saris in a most­ly human vil­lage whom need­ed a pro­nounce­able name for the drag­on they unex­pect­ed­ly took upon them­selves to care for when they found him bare­ly hatched. Dav like many gift­ed does­n’t have a clear mem­o­ry of his past but his lack of gen­er­al drag­on knowl­edge is a clear indi­ca­tion he was raised apart from his own race in which he strug­gles with the dra­con­ic lan­guage and it’s pro­nun­ci­a­tions. Obliv­i­ous of some sub­tle things about his own race and by being raised by bipeds as best they could with a grow­ing drag­on Dav picked up a demeanor vague­ly like a pet but is a proud drag­on that would­n’t accept such a title as ‘pet’.

Now with the Runeclaw fam­i­ly in Ker’tis, Dav has shown that despite his sim­ple-mind­ed ‘ani­mal’ out­er appear­ance, he’s actu­al­ly sharp wit­ted and has poten­tial as a spell crafter. Favor­ing mag­ic over phys­i­cal strength despite his appear­ance sug­gest­ing otherwise.

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Dav Edward Runeclaw