Aurora Alliance

C‘gan and Tagath, Strata

Male — Human — Anything that builds the Withered Aegis out of Istaria

C‘gan Weyrsinger, blue Tagath­’s rid­er, Obsid­i­an Order Pre­fec­tor Emer­i­tus and Archi­tect Emer­i­tus, World­Pro­jects Team Lead Emeritus

Tagath, blue Per­nese Lunus drag­on (for the breath weapon) Ancient

Professional History

Mastered Adventuring Professions: Dragon Adventurer and Warrior

Journeyman Crafting Professions: Dragon Crystalshaper, Dragon Lairshaper, and Outfitter

Expert Crafting Professions: Blacksmith and Miner

Mastered Crafting Professions: Carpenter, Dragon Crafter, Enchanter, Fitter, Mason, and Weaver



Player Information

Joe Fisher