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An Ancient Takes to The Skies. Congratulations Rykaran

Rykaran roars sky­ward vic­to­ri­ous­ly as Elial falls to one knee then over dead. Sev­er­al of the oth­er drag­ons around then mir­ror him roar­ing to their vic­to­ry. The bat­tle has been won. 

“Thank you” Rykaran says to his gath­ered allies, “This one must return to The Sleep­er now” eager to tell her of the news of Elial’s defeat.

It was a short while lat­er that the gath­er­ing took place at the peak of storms to wit­ness his ascension.

Rykaran had looked around ner­vous­ly, con­sumed with excite­ment. He grinned, blue eyes danc­ing around as he sur­veyed the gath­er­ing. He took a deep breath. “This one is hon­oured to meet, and fight by every­one’s side today. This one is tru­ly glad to have met such a phe­nom­e­nal group.” He then glanced over to Shin­nara, smil­ing hap­pi­ly. “To have all of thee help. Tis means so much to me.” Rykaran took a deep breath, smilling at the crowd and bow­ing once more in thanks.

Rykaran has shared a mem­o­ry of these events for those wish­ing to share in his accomplishment.



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