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Akinorra and Exsia Take to the Sky

For a par­ent there are few moments in life that com­pare to that moment when an aore­ban grows up and takes their first flight. When how­ev­er two choose to ascend togeth­er it is even more memorable.

Today Aki­nor­ra and Exsia of the Auro­ra Alliance com­plet­ed their rites ascend­ing togeth­er on Scor­pi­on Island after com­plet­ing their last glide as hatch­lings among friends and family.

Onwards to our last glide as hatchies!” Aki­nor­ra announces leap­ing from the peak on Shep­ard’s Home.

I am ready” Exsia replies fol­low­ing after Aki­nor­ra and lead­ing the assem­bled drag­ons to the far off island.

Con­gradu­la­tions my lit­tle ones. You make your A’meo proud!

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